i just noticed that a class i had dropped is not in fact dropped it is still there and its not letting me drop the class hehehoho :””)

yknow sayings like “i never wanna not be with you” and thing of that general nature that are supposed to be romantic. i do not like those that line of thought makes me uncomfortable :^)

I can’t do readmores on my phone but. Im so sccared haha I’ve been stayin at my aunts house for the past week or so because my mom started chemotherapy this week and she didn’t know how shed react but I’ve been texting her and she’s so sick and tired and I don’t know what to do

Haha wow that lonely feelin really piled itself on woo haha oh boy I’m gonna sleep :’)

It seems like??? People flirt with my friends a lot and sometimes ill get really lonely but most of the time when people actually flirt with me Ill usually get really uncomfortable what the heckie

Oh my god I only want to be around my parents and very close friends right now and I wake up from a nap and every goddamn kid in my family is in my room what the hell I dont need this

I’ve been really edgy and nervous and awful today because I’m really worried about my mom and id rather not talk about it but I just. Feel awful

Wow I could write an essay on why I don’t wanna wear pants right now and all the points would be either “its hot” or just “NAAAAH”

I’m gonna have a fuckin panic attack whhhy did my. Mom thinl I woupd like tgis there is nothing fun about this I feel it coming

Please I want to leave please please do not fucking touch me I do not know you


Ok wow my vice principal finally got back to me bout my government teacher made me cry and she doesn’t care wow iiii give up bye

Ok um. I am in an extreme amount of pain and it is in a certain area and I don’t understand why because I have never done anything that would um. Lead to anything happening in the area and I am in tears